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Before I come to Atlas Physical Therapy, I was having pain walking, standing, bending my left knee. I walked into the office the first day on crutches unable to walk without them. Now, as I leave Atlas Physical Therapy on my last day of therapy almost, I meant later I have zero pain. I am

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Leonard B.

December 2018 brought me face to face with something every motorist hopes never occurs. I was involved in a car accident, a hit and run accident to make matters more stressful. While my vehicle was damaged, it was repairable and I didn’t sustain any life threatening injuries. However, I did sustain injuries that caused many

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Victoria T.

Physical therapy helped me quite a lot! Before physical therapy I could not bend my ankle in most ways without being in severe pain. Through the physical therapy, stretching, exercises and at home exercises, I almost have my full range of motion back. I also could not walk for more than five minutes in a

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Katrina G.

I started my therapy sessions at Atlas Physical Therapy, West Orange, NJ in June 2018. Prior to receiving physical therapy sessions, I suffered from excruciating neck and body pains. My situation was a hopeless one. After a thorough examination, Sam, the physical therapist, started therapy on my stiff and painful neck. I felt relief in

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Theresa A.

Well, let me start by saying, this injury was a life-changing experience. My day started normal, I was on my way to my company truck, and I picked up my leg, and my back locked up, and I bent over with out a choice, when I tried to stand up straight the pain was so

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Rudy P.

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