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Well, let me start by saying, this injury was a life-changing experience. My day started normal, I was on my way to my company truck, and I picked up my leg, and my back locked up, and I bent over with out a choice, when I tried to stand up straight the pain was so

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Rudy P.

I am a professional anatomist, having taught zoology and medical students for more than 40 years.  When my ankle was broken while I was visiting NJ in July 2015 during a traffic accident, I knew how complicated the repair and rehabilitation would be.  I also admitted I was likely to be a demanding patient: always

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Dr. Ted G.

A few months ago, I was suffering from chronic pain from neck to right elbow. I went to surgeons and pain management doctors. They wanted to give me pain killers with injections. As a last resort, they would operate. I went to my General Physician and he suggested that I visit Atlas Physical Therapy and

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Marvin W.

Last summer, in a split second, cleaning the bottom freezer of my refrigerator, I was in sudden and excruciating back pain. I tried everything for 36 hours, ice, heat, lying down, standing up, moving slowly – NOTHING was helping and I was in constant pain. I could not function nor sleep. I finally went to

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Kuan Y.

I came back to Dr. Sam after a successful treatment for pain in my right foot. This time, my recovery experience was longer but Dr. Sam made for me a pair of fantastic, costumed orthotics. This, along with treatment, really helped. I now exercise and go on long-distance runs. Marco K., Marketing, Maplewood, NJ September

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Marco K.

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