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This is my second time coming to Atlas over several years for Physical Therapy. This time I had issues with my whole left side, specifically shoulder and lower back. After trying chiropractic and Cortisone shot, I had not seen any improvement. Pain limited my ability to sleep on left side and put on a shirt

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Alexander K.

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me in physical therapy and being there for me at the time of my pain. I came to you with so much pain in my left leg. Sam, my pain was at the worst possible level, and I didn’t know if I was

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Christina A.

I give the Atlas Physical Therapy practice my highest possible recommendation based on the care they provided on the path to resolving my very serious spinal issues. The consistent professionalism, the obvious expertise and the personalized encouragement I received from the entire staff during some really difficult times combined to motivate and inspire my efforts

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Thomas W.

The greatest relief Sam Provided was related to my vertigo. He freed me from the discomfort associated with this condition. Even more important, my balance has improved. In addition, Sam has been a “posture coach” from day one. His influence in this regard continues to have a positive effect on my efforts to improve my

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Frances L.

I was involved in a car accident a few years ago. Since then, I have been experiencing neck pains, headaches, and shoulder pains. I got a referral to Dr. Sam. Since I’ve been a patient of his physical therapy, my shoulder pain is completely gone. My neck and headaches have gotten better, still more sessions

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Milagros D.

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