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"I was recommended to Sam by my orthopedic surgeon who was thinking of operating on my left shoulder. I did not want surgery"

I was recommended to Sam by my orthopedic surgeon who was thinking of operating on my left shoulder. I did not want surgery. I am very thankful to Sam after about 2-1/2 months of physical therapy with Sam and doing the recommended exercises daily, I am pain-free and have regained full movement of my left shoulder. Sam is professional, experienced, competent, and skillful with great bedside manners. He really knew his stuff and was a delight to talk to. His office staff was also wonderful and knowledgeable of insurance dealings.

During this time, I also had Sam evaluate my daughter who suffers from flat feet. Sam had these very specialized custom-made orthotics made to target for my daughter's set of symptoms. I am very satisfied with my experience at Atlas Physical Therapy and will forever be thankful for Sam's care. I plan to refer Atlas to all my friends and family.

Julie L. Psychologist, West Orange, NJ February 2020

"I have been to a number of specialists, and Dr. Sam has been the most helpful"

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and I was walking stooping forward because of low back pain. Thank you, Dr. Sam! I have been to a number of specialists, and Dr. Sam has been the most helpful! Thanks to him, I am able to walk standing up straight and the pain in my back has disappeared. He is a patient and knowledgeable professional. I hope others will have a similar experience!

Judith P. Retired teacher, West Orange, NJ February 2020

“I reached out to Atlas Physical Therapy and my healing journey began”

I wanted to share my experience with Atlas Physical Therapy so that it may help another person. I started developing headaches out of nowhere in April 2019. I went to 3 different neurologists and various doctors including my GP and 2 different ENT. I was prescribed countless medications that did not help me. I was nauseous, dizzy and felt sick all day, every day. The breaking point was when I was prescribed a drug for my headaches that had a side effect of seizures. I told myself that I had to be my own proponent. I started googling and searching. I came across many different treatments but physical therapy was the common link of relief. I reached out to Atlas Physical Therapy and my healing journey began. Sam is an incredible therapist! He has changed my life around with his healing hands. He took the time to address my issues and give me my life back! Thank you will never be enough! Please, if you have any of these issues, give Sam a chance to help you as he did for me!

Dina K. Scheduler, East Hanover, NJ
December 2019

"The numbness in my feet is practically gone and the lower back pain as well"

Sam and his staff are great. I had 2 herniated discs at L4-5 and L5-S1; my legs and feet were numb, my back in constant severe pain. I could barely walk. I tried chiropractic therapy, I took an epidural shot both did not help so a friend recommended me to Atlas and I gave it a shot because I was scared of surgery and didn't believe in it. The pain started in July of 2018 and got worse and worse so I ended up at Atlas in April 2019. After working with Sam and doing what he told me, the numbness in my feet is practically gone and the lower back pain as well. I can walk straight. I recommend Atlas to anyone with this kind of pain.

Rasim K. Custodian, West Orange, NJ
December 2019

"Atlas PT, thanks so much for being so amazing at what you do!!"

Ann S. Personal trainer, South Orange NJ
December 2019

"I went from being unable to walk, sit, stand, nor sleep without my pain level being between an 8-9, to going back to the gym and resuming all my normal activities"

I came to Atlas Physical Therapy in extreme pain. I couldn't get out of bed without taking pain killers every morning and having to wait for 1/2 hr to 1 hr for them to start working. I had seen a spine doctor who said I should try physical therapy since muscle relaxers and steroids did nothing. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed Sam. He had already cured my Morton's neuroma and other spine problems in the past. Within 6 weeks, I went from being unable to walk, sit, stand, nor sleep without my pain level being between an 8-9, to going back to the gym and resuming all my normal activities. My pain is now practically nonexistent and with the exercises he prescribed, I expect to fully recover soon. Sam accessed the problem quickly, performed the proper treatment which included electrical stimulation, ultrasound, manual manipulation therapy, a state of the art laser therapy. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Judith B. Retired teacher, Livingston, NJ
November 2019

"Art of Healing" is not just a motto for Sam, it is an ideal"

I have known Sam for more years than I care to recount and over many therapies than I care to admit. In each year of the therapies that Sam administered, he was able to find the crux of the problem and reach a favorable result. "Art of Healing" is not just a motto for Sam, it is an ideal.

Leon L. Retired accountant, West Orange, NJ
October 2019

"I have found Atlas Physical Therapy to be a wonderful environment that provides personalized attention, unlike those other PT "factories."

I came to Atlas Physical Therapy with multiple shoulder issues. I had been diagnosed with tendinitis/tendinosis of both shoulders, as well as frozen shoulders and labrum tears. I was in a great deal of pain and had limited mobility. I found it very painful and difficult to move my hands/arms behind my back, to put on a jacket or fasten a bra. I also could not raise my arms up directly above my shoulders. Since completing my therapy, I have made dramatic improvements in regard to my pain and mobility. I have found Atlas Physical Therapy to be a wonderful environment that provides personalized attention, unlike those other PT "factories". Sam is an experienced, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and competent Physical Therapist. In addition to being an excellent therapist, he is a wonderful human being who truly cared about his patients. I would highly recommend Atlas Physical Therapy to anyone requiring any type of physical therapy.

Amy S., Livingston NJ

"I am able to live without chronic pain after 30+ years!!"

Last summer, in a split second, cleaning the bottom freezer of my refrigerator, I was in sudden and excruciating back pain. I tried everything for 36 hours, ice, heat, lying down, standing up, moving slowly – NOTHING was helping and I was in constant pain. I could not function nor sleep. I finally went to Urgent Care and got pain killers. They only took the ‘edge off’ so I could, with utter exhaustion, fall asleep for a while. Every time I moved, I woke up with sharp pain.

I called Atlas Physical Therapy.

Sam and the team ‘fit me into the schedule’ and I began my healing journey. I am so grateful!

Not only is Sam extremely knowledgeable and capable, but he has also naturally ‘healing hands’. If it weren’t for him, I would have truly gone insane from the pain!

Within the first session or two, I could already tell the difference. I stopped taking the pain meds after 3 days and embraced physical therapy and healing 100%.
Physical therapy is an investment in time and effort. Not only do you need a good therapist and team but, you need a relaxing and supportive environment since you spend so much time there. Sam and his team make you feel ‘at home’, taking care to really know you and talk to you when you arrive and during your treatments so that the time passes more quickly and you feel ‘taken care’ of.

Once my back was relatively pain-free and I had exercises and stretches I could do at home, I moved on to have Sam ‘fix’ my neck. I have had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder and, tingling in my shoulder and right arm. Sam fixed my neck too and taught me how to maintain it!!

I highly recommend Atlas Physical Therapy. I am happy to say, with my maintenance exercises and stretches, I am able to live without chronic pain after 30+ years!!

Kuan K. Business executive, West Orange, NJ

"My vertigo is GONE now"

I started to see Sam because I was suffering from horrible vertigo. When I'd stand up & while walking; I'd experience terrible dizziness & headaches accompanied by nausea at times. Sam started to work on my neck & helping me to correct my posture. With his help, over time, my vertigo is GONE now. I don't have it at all!! I am extremely happy w/my results & have returned to have him work on other issues I've had & am getting amazing results with as well! I trust them with all my aches & pains honestly!! They're friendly, accommodating as possible, but most importantlyI GET PAIN RELIEF EVERY TIME!!! Thank you Sam, as always!!

Missy, A. Train conductor, Bloomfield NJ
January 2019

"He molded custom-made foot orthotics to realign my foot. And this was fascinating: despite all that I knew about gait mechanics (bipedal walking!), I had little appreciation for the effect of well-designed ones."

I am a professional anatomist, having taught zoology and medical students for more than 40 years. When my ankle was broken while I was visiting NJ in July 2015 during a traffic accident, I knew how complicated the repair and rehabilitation would be. I also admitted I was likely to be a demanding patient: always asking questions, always projecting the current state of my muscles, bones, and ligaments. Sam was perfect: he gave me the confidence in him; he answered all my questions in depth. In addition, he molded custom-made foot orthotics to realign my foot. And this was fascinating: despite all that I knew about gait mechanics (bipedal walking!), I had little appreciation for the effect of well-designed ones. They instantly reoriented my foot placement and ankle action without conscious attention…that is, in the period after rehabilitation had begun, but before Sam fitted me.

In July 2018 I fell while cycling and fractured my hip. I happened to be in Washington but returned to NJ as soon as I could. Sam working with me 3 weeks post-surgery. At two months the DC surgeons told me I was 4 months ahead of schedule. At the end of week 9, I did a 6-mile walk (without a cane!).

And something else: he treated me as an individual, not as someone on an assembly line. This is true also of the staff. Each of us was ‘special’ and they allowed me an hour each morning before my appointment to work out on their various exercise machinery. They were just what ‘the doctor ordered’.

Thank you Atlas PT!

Dr. Ted G., Anatomy Ph.D., Washington, D.C.
December 2018

"Sam would with some manipulations and other seemingly simple methods, have an amazing impact on my life and comfort level"

At 71, I have had severe neck pain that radiated to the side of my face numbing it. Supposedly this was attributed to my arthritis, stenosis and other deteriorating conditions in my neck and spine. I had seen a number of orthopedic doctors along with neurologists over the years and nothing really helped. The last suggestion made by a neurologist was for Botox injections which really frightened me. by the time I saw Sam I was feeling hopeless and that this situation would not be improving and I would have to suffer with it forever. Amazingly Sam was able to reduce and eventually eliminate this relentless pain. Within five or six visits I began to feel better and then the pain was just about eliminated. I thought it was a miracle. Sam would with some manipulations and other seemingly simple methods, have an amazing impact on my life and comfort level. I want to thank him so much for the relief had given to me. Without him I don’t know what I would have done.

Marlene D., Psychologist, West Orange NJ
October 2018

"You have made a difference in my life and my family’s, by helping me get better so I can provide for my family and my kids"

Well, let me start by saying, this injury was a life-changing experience. My day started normal, I was on my way to my company truck, and I picked up my leg, and my back locked up, and I bent over without a choice, when I tried to stand up straight the pain was so bad that my legs gave out, and I fell, I had to call my wife to come to get me, after being told I had three bulging disc‘s and one herniated disc with a tear in the disc that was leaking inward, and 31 days of not walking and being told I was going to need surgery and pills for the rest of my life, I went to see Sam at Atlas Physical Therapy, I was bent over and could not walk without severe crippling pain. He told me don’t worry, I will help you get back what you have lost. One of my specialties is physical therapy of the spine, well needless to say after only 5 days I was able to stand up straight and walk without pain or falling down. I started to cry because I lost hope and Sam kept telling me don’t worry you will walk normal again, and with his special techniques on my spine with his hands to release the pressure I was able to walk again, and he never hurt me once. I’m happy to say I have not had surgery, and with the exercises that he had told me and I need to do at home. I have not felt the pain anymore, thank you Sam and your team. You have made a difference in my life and my family’s, by helping me get better so I can provide for my wife and kids, thank you so much. I will always recommend atlas physical therapy, the love and care you get are unprecedented, thank you once more for all you have done for me. P.S. Rudy Perez, Your patient for life. In GOD we trust.

Rudy P., Field Manager, Lyndhurst, NJ
September 2018

"I am now pain-free and able to sleep through the night."

I had been suffering from a burning sensation in 3 of my toes for over a year. It only happened at night and would wake me 4 or 5 times a night. Only by walking on a cold tile floor could I get any relief. I went to the general practitioner who sent me to a neurologist. He ruled out diabetes and other debilitating disease but was unable to diagnose or treat the problem.

Then I decided to go to Atlas Physical Therapy. I had been there before for a back problem that was treated successfully. Sam immediately diagnosed it as Morton’s neuroma after questioning and examining me. He treated it with the electrical stimulation as well as ultrasound, massage and stretching exercises. He also fitted my feet with new orthotics. I am now pain free and able to sleep through the night. Another success story for Atlas PT!

Judith B. Teacher, Livingston, NJ

“I am thrilled with the results. I don’t enjoy taking pills and it is wonderful leaving them in the medicine cabinet.”

Atlas came highly recommended by a friend. I was having serious lower back problems coupled with sciatica. I called it pain from “HELL”. I could barely get through the day without taking pain pills. The pain was so severe, shooting across my lower back and down the sides of my legs. I am very active and serve on a number of community boards. My condition was so bad that I could not carry out my responsibilities as a board member and had to put my activities on hold.

Sam and his staff make the client feel very comfortable – like a family member. He did an assessment on the initial visit, which enabled him to plan my treatment program. This includes some time in the gym as needed after treatment. He is a hands-on therapist and he does the manipulation. He does not rely on machines to do his work as do many physical therapists. Going three times a week took over my life, but after three months I had my life back. I am thrilled with the results. I don’t enjoy taking pills and it is wonderful leaving them in the medicine cabinet.

I was so satisfied with my experience at Atlas that I did not have a problem returning for therapy when I had knee replacement surgery. Again, he demonstrated excellence in a treatment program for me. I returned with the assistance from a family member on a walker. I soon graduated to a cane. After therapy three times a week for 3-4 months, I walked away on my own without any assistance and I have never had a problem with my knee.

I highly recommend Atlas. The staff is wonderful and Sam, the therapist, is better than the best!!

Delores T. West Orange, NJ

"He works Miracles!"

In 2010, I had a terrible accident at a five-point intersection which left me with a broken left arm (humerus bone). As I sat in the vehicle in disbelief, I immediately felt intense pain. I also watched as my arm would not follow any commands from my mind.

Three hospitals and an operation later, a permanent rod was inserted in my arm to function. Physical therapy followed. Even months later, I was in tears as I still could not lift more than three pounds without pain or even dress. Simple things in life were no longer simple!

Then came Atlas and Sam. I walked into his office in tears. He comforted me and reassured me it would all be better with time and work. Sam's expertise and superior manipulations slowly allowed me to retain my flexibility and strength. He was persistent to help me and instilled determination in me to keep going and pursue my goal.

Today I am enjoying life again and able to do those things I did prior to my accident.

Thank you Sam!

Rose H. Teacher, Cedar Grove, NJ

Recovering from MPFL Surgery

Hi, I dislocated my knee and had to have MPFL ligament replacement surgery in June 2016, a week after moving to West Orange. I first went to Atlas about a week after my surgery and was unable to walk without crutches or put weight on my leg. It was a long hard road to recovery, especially that first month. But, within four months, I am walking 100%, back to the elliptical and bike at the gym, danced at a friend's wedding recently and almost 100%.

A huge thank you to Sam, Mary and his team for all of their help. For anyone who knows knees, MPFL surgery is very rough and similar in recovery to ACL replacements, and recovery times vary and can be much longer than mine has been.Atlas was a great place for rehab, and Sam (who seems to know so much about all types of injuries) is great, hands-on and somehow manages to spend time with each of his patients on every visit.I have been to other PT locations where you never actually spend any time with the lead therapist at all, and this is not that kind of place.

I highly recommend Atlas for any PT needs; it is a great mix of quality care, the right level of attention and great people. As someone who has a very busy work schedule, they are also very flexible with appointment times and very accommodating.

Thank you to the team at Atlas, you were instrumental to my recovery and I will forever appreciate it!

Aharon S. Event Director, West Orange, NJ

"No low back pain no sciatica; life is good"

Working with Sam has been GREAT! After hurting my back three times in four months, my primary care physician wrote me a prescription for physical therapy. I wanted to find a physical therapist that specialized in back issues. After searching the area I found Atlas. Sam understood my issues and worked out a plan to get me going again. My main issue was lower back pain and sciatica where my leg would go numb. I couldn't sit more than a few minutes, bend or lift anything. After working with Sam I am pain free. I have to be careful how I bend and adjust, how I lift things, but I can sit and enjoy daily activities without being in constant pain. If you are having back issues, come see Sam and the staff at Atlas. They will take good care of you and treat you like family. "I personally am very, very grateful".

D.P., Information technology, West Orange, NJ

“No surgery needed! I am cured!”

After having done an MRI indicating a full-thickness tear of my right shoulder rotator cuff, I was supposed to call back the orthopedist to schedule surgery.

I was afraid to do so because of the pain, disability and risks involved and also the long time it takes afterward for rehabilitation.

I was in pain, could not move and lift my arm. I was desperate, I had to accept the fact that I would have to live the rest of my life with a handicap, surgery or not. I continued my therapy with Sam who was confident he could cure me. I have to confess that I could not believe that he could cure a tear when surgery was needed! He convinced me though that I had to at least to try.

He operated with his own special technique only HE knows about; working on my shoulder, taking his time, listening to what I had to say about my pain, what I felt...

After the treatment, I would go to the adjacent well-equipped gym to do some exercises with the help of his wonderful crew. Little by little with along Sam's encouragements, patience & assurance, I started to get better & after just a few months I was cured!

I could not believe it; for me it was so incredible!

Sam is not just any therapist, he has his own & unique "miraculous" technique; he is compassionate, he really cares. Each time you go to see him, you feel like going to see a friend and you are treated in a warm atmosphere; you feel good, not only physically, but also psychologically. Sincerely, if needed, Atlas Physical Therapy is one of the best decisions you could ever make in your life!

Jacqueline F. Artist, West Orange, NJ

“Thank you for helping me, be me again”

When I started my "PT" I was in very bad shape and I was suffering from a whole lot of pain in my lower back and both legs. The pain was so intense that I quit my job two years ago. My daughter told me about Dr. Sam, and I took her advice. I saw him and explained to Dr. Sam my "Pain". Dr. Sam helped me be myself again. My back pain and legs were so bad I thought I would never get rid of it but Dr. Sam took it away. His "PT" is one of the best I am telling you I would use Dr. Sam again in a heartbeat. Thank you for helping me be me again.

Marcelene C. Home Health Aide, Newark, NJ

"Feeling better without injections and medication!!!!!!!"

I came to Sam (Atlas Therapy) unable to stand up straight or walk more than a couple of feet and I was in bad shape for approximately one year. The pain was very severe.

After having already gone through other therapies and visits to pain management doctors with years of spinal epidurals, I was convinced by my Husband to give Sam a chance. I was hardly able to walk into his office. My spinal stenosis was severe. My ability to move was extremely limited, and I was getting very depressed.

Sam presented a friendly and competent plan to help me with my back. After what I consider a short period of time, around 3-4 months, I was standing straight and now walking without pain. Sam also discovered an issue with my neck and worked on that to relieve stress and reoccurring headaches.

Thank you Sam. I really appreciate all you have done for me. Sam is wonderful and I highly recommend Atlas Therapy to everyone who needs help.

Mary C., Teacher, Livingston, NJ

"Recovered 100% from a severe disc herniation in my neck!"

I've been to physical therapy several times over the years for issues relating to my neck and my back. I would go for a few weeks, see multiple therapists, and feel better for a few weeks before things would go back to the way they were.

After my symptoms worsened, recently an MRI determined that I have a herniated disc in my cervical spine. I started again at a PT center but was quickly dissatisfied as it was difficult to get appointments with the same therapist on an ongoing basis. That's when I searched online and find out about Atlas Physical Therapy. I contacted them and asked if I could see Sam to discuss my situation and to determine his approach to my problems. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew I was in good hands.

With Sam you are seeing the same person each visit. He gives you a measure of personal attention that you just don't get anywhere else. He has very skilled hands to gently manipulate you in ways that bring you relief from your pain. Also, he has a vast knowledge of how your body works and will educate you on things you can do to minimize pain episodes in the future.

Within weeks of starting physical therapy with Sam I made tremendous progress and was feeling much better than I could have imagined.If you are experiencing neck or back problems and have not been able to get long-term help from the large therapy centers, I recommend you contact Atlas Physical Therapy and let Sam provide you with the help you need.

Stuart I., Entrepreneur, Livingston, NJ

“I've had problems for 10 years, seen a lot of therapists, but never had results like these!”

My back and neck were a mess when I first started going to Atlas Physical Therapy, but Sam really took the time to diagnose the issue, finding issues that x-rays couldn't. He is a warm and friendly person, and really knowledgeable, approaching my health from all directions. In addition to his treatments, he helped me get orthotics, gave me a stretching regiment, and strength-building exercises. Sometimes I go in with another smaller issue, and he can make a sore foot (after a long hike), or thumb (from texting too much) feel good as new with just a 5-minute massage. I'm not perfect yet, but I'm a hundred times better than when I began at Atlas and still improving.I've had problems for 10 years, seen a lot of therapists, but never had results like these!

Spencer H., Teacher, Montclair, NJ

“I'll be dancing soon!”

Before I came to Atlas Physical Therapy, I had a lot of pain in my left ankle. Every step I took, I was in pain. I went to Dr. James Lee and he examined me, took X-rays, and suggested that I needed therapy. He wrote up the prescription and I thank God for the friend who recommended you to me. I am more than pleased with your expertise, high quality of service, devotion, compassion, personalized caring and warm relationship with all the patients. I listen and watch you with your patients. You never watch the clock when you work with your patients. You are truly committed to excellence and devotion to us. You have a personalized approach to the work and gift that God has given to you. Finally, the office staff is very warm and professional. I can now walk without pain.

Thank you, Thank you. My ankle will miss you. I'll be dancing soon!

May God continue to bestow his richest blessings upon you and your family.


Wilma B., Retired School Principal, West Orange NJ

"My back is one-hundred times better than it was a few months ago"

I went to Atlas Physical Therapy after dealing with back pain for over one year. I arrived with a frustrated spirit, given that all of my efforts to heal my back on my own (eg. rest, stretching, yoga) failed to produce the desired results. Sam’s work on my back has in many ways left me amazed and very pleased. I say ‘amazed’ because I have no idea how he produced such amazing results. I still have work to do in terms of following his instructions, but my back is one-hundred times better than it was a few months ago. I take my hat off to Sam at Atlas physical therapy for all of his hard work and dedication.

Douglas E., Writer, West Orange, NJ

“Thank you Atlas Physical Therapy for an awesome 6 years of service”

Before I came to Atlas, I was a fragile young lady who heard her spine snap for the first time. At first, it was nothing, but then it became the more horrifying pain I have ever experienced. I could not walk for more than 30 seconds. I could not sit due to increased pressure and pain. All I wanted to do was lay down and cry. I was then recommended to Sam at Atlas physical therapy by my PCP. I was a little nervous at first because I have never done PT before. From the moment I walked in, it was as though I was taken into a new family. Their primary goal was caring for the patients and that made my mom very happy. At first sight, I began treatment. I thought it was going to be the most painful 6 weeks of my life, but I was wrong. Sam guided me into getting my fragile self-back to normal and was the most kind-hearted person I have ever met. After those 6 weeks, I was back to new! I still had to take my time but it was well worth it. I saw Sam my sophomore year of high school and now I am completing my senior year at Penn State. He has made me very comfortable in offering me the very help and support I needed for my back and previous ankle injuries. Thank you Atlas Physical Therapy for an awesome 6 years of service. I will surely be back and will definitely recommend others.

Update: I no longer have swelling in my ankles and I am now able to do my regular activities with care!

Toni G., Student, West Orange, NJ

“Hard to tell where I was even hurting”

Before I started physical therapy, I had worsening pain in my right shoulder. It hurt to reach up and turn on the light above my bed and putting on a t-shirt became a difficult task. Many minor, everyday tasks were done in pain. After physical therapy at Atlas, it's like the pain was never there. It's hard to tell where I was even hurting.

Victor E., Librarian, West Orange, NJ

"I am extremely grateful."

Before I came to see Sam, I had spent six years dealing with a neck injury that happened unexpectedly during the birth of my daughter. I had severe headaches that lasted more than half of every month and my body was so sensitive to activity. Often something simple, like taking my daughter on a walk around the block would leave me in such severe pain that I would throw up.

I had already completed 12 visits of physical therapy at another facility which only made my pain worse. However, in my first visit with Sam, my headache was relieved. I have continued to improve and my headaches have greatly diminished. I am getting back to regular exercise and the activities that I used to enjoy before my injury. I am extremely grateful."

Kristyn B., Occupational therapist, Bloomfield, NJ

"In only a few short weeks I have my life back again!"

When I came to Atlas I had terrible pain radiating down my right leg. I had trouble walking more than a block or standing for any period of time. Pain killers were useless. Fortunately, my physical therapy was a great success within 8 treatments. The radiating pain subsided and my soreness slowly decreased. The exercises are extremely helpful and I will continue with them now that I am healthy again. In only a few short weeks I have my life back again. Everyone in the office is very nice.

Thank you

Amy, Attorney, Livingston NJ

"Still refereeing soccer at 78 years young!"

I have been coming to Atlas physical therapy for a few years now. I am 78 years old and I’m refereeing soccer which requires a lot of running.I don’t think I could have done this especially the last few years without the help of Atlas physical therapy.Sam the physical therapist does an excellent job of assessing and treating my needs. I would highly recommend him and the practice to anyone.

Guenther G., >West Orange NJ

"Sam is in a league of his own"

I came to Atlas with severe lower back pain in the L5-S1 area as well as sciatica in my right leg. Sam went to work on relieving the pain by using a combination of heat, ultrasound, exercises and most noteworthy, his individualized Manuel Therapy skills.

I have visited other PT centers with varying results. However, Sam is in a league of his own. He is totally committed to his patients. By utilizing his knowledge and expertise, he has been the catalyst in significantly reducing my back and leg discomfort.

Sam is outstanding and I highly recommend his physical therapy services.

Yosef M., West Orange, NJ

"In my understanding, he is very personable and a "healer - a rare combination!"

I started experiencing severe back (lumbar region) pains in January 2016. After a visit with my primary care physician, he recommended physical therapy with Dr. Sam Dimitrakis (Atlas Physical Therapy).

I started seeing Sam twice a week. The sessions were carefully designed and administrated by Sam on one to one basis. By using a diverse approach, yet always gentle, my back pain was going away. I have to say the pain was easily a "10" at times and now reduced down to a "1" or lower.

At the same time I was encouraged to exercise but carefully, to rebuild my lower body especially since I had total hip replacement surgery in September 2015.

I am very grateful for everything, Sam has done for me. In my understanding, he is very personable and a "healer" - a rare combination!

Nikolas B., West Orange, NJ

"The man worked magic! It’s been a couple of years that I’ve been pain-free."

My feet are as flat as a pancake. And, after many years of walking, the tissue along the bottom of my feet got so stretched and inflamed that I developed plantar fasciitis. My heels were killing me. They felt like pins and needles. I tried everything—Advil, stretching, heel cups, splints, boot contraptions, cortisone shots, shockwave therapy, orthotics from a foot surgeon, even a crazy foot freezing procedure. Nothing worked!

Then I found Sam at Atlas Physical Therapy. He told me he could fix my problem, but I needed to be patient. He would make me special orthotics to align my feet properly so they would stop stretching in the wrong places, and coupled with therapy, reduce the inflammation, giving my feet a chance to heal. And he was right!

He spent a lot of time studying my feet, made special orthotics that had quite a lift ( it took a bit of getting used to them), and gave me therapy a few times a week. After about 3-4 months the pain stopped. The man worked magic! It’s been a couple of years that I’ve been pain-free. And I won’t go anywhere without Sam’s orthotics.

Thank you, Sam, for healing my heels.

Marci K., Upper Montclair, NJ

"Within 1 month, the pain I had been living with for years, was gone."

I had cervical spinal fusion in my neck 6 months before I came to Atlas Physical Therapy. I had a microdiscectomy 25 years prior and had a horrible experience with physical therapy.

Reluctantly, I went to Atlas. Sam, the physical therapist, with the touch of his hand, knew exactly where the issues were in my neck. Within 1 month, the pain I had been living with for years, was gone.I am able to drive longer distances and have actually gone back to my regular workout routine with Sam's guidance.

Michelle S., Livingston, NJ

"Effective Spinal Therapy!"

When I first came to Atlas physical therapy I was experiencing extreme pain in my lower back. Sitting or standing for any length of time was painful. My legs were numb much of the day. I also had discomfort in my neck. I have had a history of back issues for a long time.

I’ve used various methods of treatment some more helpful than others. Sam has a very soft approach with no aggressive corrections.When I started I almost felt that he wasn’t doing much but lo and behold I started feeling better. It was working!

Sam focused on my spine functioning properly by aligning my vertebrae very gently. He taught me how to move in a better way, how to stand, how to turn and how to walk properly. So now I am a long way from where I started. I still have a way to go but I’m going with a lot less pain

Steve W., Photographer, West Orange, NJ

"Finally! I am able to walk with my dogs again!"

Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me. Words can't express how much my family and I appreciate everything you have done to help me get better.

I have been struggling with my back for years, the last few months have been difficult for me and when I came to you I wasn't able to move without feeling pain. I had problems sleeping because every time I moved I was in pain. Getting into my car was also difficult.

Coming into your facility turned out to be the best decision I could have made to help my recovery.After few weeks of therapy I am able to move and sleep comfortably without any pain. I am able to do things that I love like walking with my dogs.

Thank you again.

Danuta C., Entrepreneur, Livingston, NJ

"I cannot begin to thank Sam and his staff enough for all of their help and for finally giving me relief after 6 years of migraines!"

I came to Sam with occipital neuralgia, which caused me to have severe neck and head pain. I also had chronic migraines and suffered from chronic headaches when I was a child. I tried different prescriptions from my neurologist and I have previously had PT for my migraines, but nothing seemed to help very much.

I went to a chiropractor, but my neurologist told me that it was not a good idea and to stop immediately. He recommended PT when my insurance company declined a shot that should have helped. That was the best insurance denial ever! I researched places that were in-network and that were close to my job and I found Atlas Physical Therapy. When I arrived the atmosphere was very welcoming and everyone was helpful and accommodating. At first, I came a few times a week, then once a week then once every 2-3 weeks for a total of 12 treatments.

Sam worked on my neck using methods that no one else had ever used on me. He explained why my neck and head hurt so much and offered advice on what to do to make sure that I kept my neck as relaxed as possible. After the first session, I noticed a difference and I can happily say that since working with Sam I have not had a recurrence of my occipital neuralgia. My migraines are currently limited to happening only when there is bad weather. I was taking an all-natural over the counter medicine for my migraines once or twice a day.

I am happy to say that I have not needed it on a daily basis since I finished working with Sam. Being someone who has suffered from some form of head pain for most of my life and having tried almost everything under the sun, I can honestly say that this is the most relief I have ever had from head pain.

I cannot begin to thank Sam and his staff enough for all of their help and for finally giving me relief after 6 years of migraines!

Joleen S., Teacher, Bedminster, NJ

"I feel like a new man"

Sam has been treating my back pain. I have had a tremendous response from his therapy. I feel like a new man.

I have been to a lot of physical therapy places over the years andI highly recommend Atlas physical therapy and Sam to anyone suffering from back pain and want relief.

Nicholas M., Retired police officer, Cedar Grove, NJ

".......... I must say Atlas is the best."

I had hurt my back, neck and rotator cuff in December 2013. I was in a lot of pain and went to my chiropractor 3 times a week for 5 weeks. The treatment did not help me. I then went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription to go for physical therapy. I was so down because I was in so much pain. I truly believed I was not going to ever feel good again, but at my first visit Sam my physical therapist assured me that with just a little bit of time he was going to make me feel good again. He had pointed out some things I was doing wrong. My posture was not good and I moved my head too much causing me to add to my problem. I went for therapy two to three times a week and after three to four weeks I began to feel good again. I also worked on my posture as Sam would point out to me when I was having therapy how I was not sitting up straight and tilting my head too much.

I have gone to two other physical therapy places over the years for various reasons andI must say Atlas is the best.I feel great and I am almost done with my therapy. I would strongly recommend Atlas. In fact, my son hurt his rotary cuff and I told him about Atlas and he took my advice and went there. He is just finishing his therapy and his shoulder feels great

Maureen M., Retired teacher, South Orange, NJ

"No back and leg pain"

There is not a better place to get personalized, effective and long-lasting physical therapy! Atlas Physical Therapy has helped me with a knee injury and chronic lower back and left leg pain and numbness.

I hope you never need to visit their offices but, if you do, you will be in the best of hands!

Kuan K, Administrator, West Orange, NJ

"Headaches that I had for 40 years gone"

I originally went to Sam for a shoulder problem that he corrected for me, but while speaking with him I told him about my neck issue. I incurred a neck injury in the late 1960s that left with me headache issues that plagued me ever since. Headaches would come upon me very often waking me in the morning and any time I performed repetitive chores such as raking, sweeping, snow shoveling and certainly exercising. Taking aspirin, Tylenol and Advil became a way of life because chores and life functions had to get done.

Over the decades I saw many doctors that basically said my neck seemed satisfactory but the headaches persisted. Once I told Sam about this issue he was confident he could correct it. I was a skeptic since I have had this problem for many decades but I asked Sam to give it a try since he was working on my shoulder anyway. To my amazement, Sam corrected my neck problem in a short time. Still being skeptical I began working on various home chores and outside landscaping that normally would have produced a headache but I had none.I continued to do various chores and exercising and to my pleasant surprise I had no headache.I have not taken any Advil since Sam began working on my neck. After doing some of my heavy outside landscaping chores I had normal body aches but no headaches and therefore no pain medication.

Through the years I have seen various doctors about my neck and if I had only known more about physical therapy and Sam my issue would have been corrected years ago without my need to take unnecessary pain medication and spend hard-earned dollars that got me nowhere.

Ed G., Sparta, NJ

"You were the answer to my prayers."

My neck and back were in spasm. It was very painful to move. For over one year, I experienced tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and dizziness. Driving became a real challenge. My primary care doctor was baffled. I was admitted to the emergency room on two separate occasions. After a battery of tests and medications, my physician referred me to a neurologist, then to an orthopedist, an ENT surgeon and onto a cardiac surgeon. That specialist thought I was having panic attacks, wrote a script for anti-depressants, and told me to follow up with a psychiatrist. I didn’t know where to turn.

A co-worker recommended that I schedule an appointment with Atlas Physical Therapy. Clearly, that was the best decision I ever made. The physical therapy re-aligned the vertebrae in my neck and back. Within the first session, the dizziness subsided and I was able to move my neck again. I can’t thank you enough Sam for providing the treatment I so desperately needed!

I highly recommend physical therapist Sam Dimitrakis of Atlas Physical Therapy. His 27 years of experience and training in manual therapy, combined with his kind and compassionate manner, made my full recovery possible.

You were the answer to my prayers.

JoAnne G., Short Hills, NJ

"A happy shoe salesman"

I had huge pain before I came to see Sam. I had severe pain in my lower back and both legs. I remember last November coming out of the train I couldn't walk because of pain. I was so scared because I never had any problems like that before. Now I am much better. I have more energy. I went back to my job as a salesman and I'm able to stand eight hours with no problem. The pain is gone and I can lead a normal life. I cannot praise Sam enough. I am a man transformed, thanks to Sam and his great staff.

Alan R., Milburn, NJ

"His technique is gentle, safe and extremely effective. IT WORKS!"

Sam Dimitrakis is a miracle worker. He's given my life back. I’ve suffered from chronic and acute neck and shoulder pain for over 20 years. I have been to every type of doctor and tried every type of treatment, including nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablations and spinal surgery - all to no avail. I was progressively becoming more and more limited in what I could do and was actually to the point of being bedridden at least three times a week. Then I found Sam and Atlas Physical Therapy. In less than twelve sessions with Sam, my overall pain has decreased by at least 80%. In fact, after my first treatment, I experienced an almost pain-free day, the best day I’ve had in over ten years. In the last few weeks, I’ve been swimming and dancing.

Sam and his staff truly care! Sam is very thorough and even researched all my records and surgical reports to determine the safest and most effective treatment plan for me. He is a gifted therapist with “hands of gold” and spends a considerable amount of time with you each session. This, coupled with his intelligence, education, experience and compassion, come together and create a miracle worker. His technique is gentle, safe and extremely effective. IT WORKS!

Anita B., West Orange, NJ

"My head doesn't feel heavy and sick anymore"

I was suffering from severe neck pain which made it difficult to turn my neck. No medication was able to relieve the pain. The pain traveled to my head which made my head feel heavy and sick. There were times that I wanted to pull my hair off. My doctor said it is due to arthritis and the pain may never go away completely. I was referred to Atlas Physical Therapy by a friend. Sam Dimitrakis said he would make me feel better and he did. He took the time to ask me questions about my pain, explained how he would treat it, and gave me exercises to do at home. He spent quality time with me using his skilled hands-on therapy. After 8 weeks of physical therapy treatment sessions, the pain has gone away and I am able to turn my neck with ease. I would recommend Sam to anyone in need of a highly skilled and attentive physical therapist.

Ronald D., Verona, NJ

Need for surgery eliminated!!!

My left shoulder always hurt. I have a daily yoga practice that was becoming very limited. A doctor in Florida had me get an MRI and Xray. It showed a tear needing surgery. He said there was an outside chance of physical therapy helping. A date was set for surgery on my return to Florida in four months.

Back in NJ I went to Atlas...3 months later the range of motion was back to normal and the pain was gone. Surgery canceled...

The care, treatments and exercises I received were nothing short of amazing. Recently I had a hamstring twinge playing handball. After 1 treatment later that afternoon I was MUCH better... a week later 100%.

Thanks Sam!

Carmine T. West Orange, NJ

"Still had a lot of neck pain and headaches a year later after cervical fusion until I went to Atlas physical therapy"

My husband and I have had neck and shoulder problems for a long time. We went to a few physical therapists in the past and felt relief for a short period of time but then it always came back. About a few months ago, I heard about Sam from one of my co-workers. We decided to try him out and we've been seeing him ever since. Both of us have made a lot of progress, especially my husband, who has had two neck surgeries in 2010 with residual chronic neck and shoulder pain, and numbness in his arm and legs for years.

Sam Dimitrakis is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced therapist. He always listens to our concerns and answers our questions. He has given us directions for exercises that are very helpful in alleviating our problems. Most importantly, he is very patient. He repeatedly shows us the proper posture for sitting and standing until we get it just right. Now we are pain-free most of the time, and we are sure that we will have no pain at all in the near future. We really appreciate all of his help, and definitely recommend him to our family and friends!

Yen T., Parsippany, NJ

"Able to stand up straight and continue working"

I would like to thank Atlas Physical therapy and Sam for an outstanding experience and care for my debilitating condition. About two years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that limits my ability to move around leading to a need for pain management. I spoke to my primary physician to stop my pain management because it didn't help my condition for I still had stiffness and pain. I asked for any alternative treatments that can help lessen the stiffness and pain so, my physician referred me to Sam and Atlas Physical Therapy. After the first few sessions, my stiffness and pain gradually began to lessen. I was relieved that I was able to regain some of the movement that I had lost before.

As a result of the good treatment I was able to continue working and providing for my family. Sam has helped me through a very tough time in my life and he could do the same for you one day. I highly recommend Atlas Physical Therapy if you are in need of a series Spinal Therapy treatments. If you had previous therapy with no success I recommend that you give Sam a chance and he will resolve your issue.

Gaylor P., Pharmacy technician, Livingston, NJ

"I recommend 'Sam' of Atlas Physical Therapy to anyone of any age that needs skilled hands, a compassionate personality and the expertise to relieve pain."

I’ve been to more than several physical therapists in my 66 years. I consider “Sam” of Atlas Physical Therapy to be one of the most skilled and compassionate of all I’ve experienced. I am an extreme exerciser. I like to hike 2 hours a day or swim 60 lengths a day or do water aerobics for an hour or more. In addition, I’m a cellist and enjoy practicing cello and teaching. All of these activities were crushed by joint and muscle pain caused by overuse or my own aging process. “Sam” has gotten me back to my music as well as to “working out” through his skilled physical therapy that helped repair and strengthens my joints and muscles.

I recommend “Sam” of Atlas Physical Therapy to anyone of any age that needs skilled hands, a compassionate personality and the expertise to relieve pain.

Nancy S., Livingston, NJ